Rotating Shoe Wardrobe Supports Premium Footwear Designer Kathryn Wilson @ Soul Bar Event

Kathryn Wilson is New Zealand’s premium footwear designer that fashionistas just can’t enough of. Her innate sense of fashion, her fresh, color palette and contemporary take on timeless design makes her a coveted brand name in any closet. In under a decade, Kathryn has gone from fledgling designer to thriving footwear visionary, stocking over 100 local boutiques in New Zealand and growing her online presence around the world. Not only is she taking the Kiwi fashion scene by storm, but she is being recognized as a leader female entrepreneur by top business publications.

Most recently, we, at Lazy Lee partnered with Kathryn to showcase her gorgeous shoe collections at an exclusive fashion event at the ever-hip Soul Bar in Auckland. The event drew over 250 shoe lovers, who came to the catwalk show to see the Kathryn Summer 17 collection on the runway and purchase the season’s most covetable styles straight off our spinning shoe display.  

Our spinning shoe organizer highlighted the beauty and uniqueness of Kathryn’s shoe designs. It has revolutionized product display with built-in ROTAS technology.  This U.S.patented technology features a rotating mechanism that creates a 360-degree, revolving view of the products displayed on it.  Our rotating shoe wardrobe made it easy for Kathryn’s attendees to get a full view of her designs with just the simple touch of a finger. They didn’t have to go through congested racks of shoes or go from table to table when selecting their favourite styles.

Everyone we talked to loved how easy it was to compare shoe styles and browse Kathryn’s styles at a glance displayed on our rotating shoe wardrobe. They also liked how the spinning shoe wardrobe reduced the need for intensive personal selling. We helped provide a better customer experience and increased engagement and sales through our innovative design.

At the end of the fashion show, we gave vouchers to three of the lucky shoe lovers at the event so they too can have their own “Woman’s Dream”. designs.

We are so happy that we were able to showcase Kathryn Wilson’s shoes and do them justice while achieving the perfect balance between sales and presentation. We helped her tell her brand story in a visual and compelling way. We couldn’t be happier with the success of the event and look forward to partnering with Kathryn and her team in the future.

Click here to check out photos from the event!